One on One Sessions

Personalized diet and lifestyle plans

Nutritional therapy begins by looking at where you are right now: current health status, current diet, and your current lifestyle. Health history, work/school life, stress evaluation, what you love to eat (and what you don't love to eat!), where you enjoy eating out, physical activity level and your short and long term health goals are all evaluated.

Most importantly, I get to know YOU and what motivates you - because a successful plan is one that excites you! 

Where applicable, well studied science-based holistic nutritional protocols, including food and supplementation, are recommended based on a diagnosis from your referring healthcare professional. 

We also have the capability of testing detoxification pathways and nutritional status via Great Plains Laboratory blood spot tests. 

From there, we build a protocol that fits into your lifestyle but addresses your goals. There is a balance between the two, and we will find it together!

I use HIPPA compliant practice management tools that allow us to stay in constant contact. I am your advocate and your resource - I have sat in your seat and understand you. I believe in YOU and the power to live YOUR most fulfilled life.

* I am currently taking on new clients via secure zoom format! Please contact me for more information.