i'm here to listen

It wasn't my health that led me here to help you. It was my frustration.

I was sick. Mysteriously sick. I recorded my symptoms, explained, and cried. I suffered. I went through endless testing. My doctors couldn't fix me, and a dietitian didn't understand me. My family and friends were overwhelmed by me.

I felt silenced.

Lifestyle Nutrition Plans

Before I found my own Lifestyle Nutrition Plan

My symptoms were so far-reaching, I wasn't sure who to go to when I first realized something was seriously wrong in 2012. I had suffered a back injury that led to an adverse reaction to a medication, followed by a very long and stubborn recovery. One day, I woke up, and the side of my face was numb. That was the moment I knew something was seriously wrong, and my health began to decline rapidly.

Pain, numbness, tingling, migraine headaches, vertigo, weakness, shortness of breath, heart racing, feeling faint, high blood pressure, severe nausea, weight loss, and brain fog were just a sample of my symptoms. I fully understood these were not typical in a healthy 35-year-old woman. Every day I would stop at the same traffic light on my way to my daughter's school, feeling like there was darkness all around me, and repeat to myself "just don't pass out, please don't pass out, just make it back home, please let me make it home."

That was my morning mantra, with my one-year-old son in the backseat of my car.

I went to an internal medicine doctor, a cardiologist, a neurologist, an endocrinologist. I had every blood test possible from basic blood counts to adrenal tumor tests, ct scans on my abdomen, an ultrasound on my thyroid, and a brain MRI. Everything came back negative. My frustration always palpable and tears in my eyes, I was being told maybe this was my "new normal."

The good news was: I had nothing serious.

The bad news was: I had nothing serious.

I can not put into words how that felt. Crazy comes to mind. I felt crazy. Lonely. And just so deeply and painfully frustrated. As a last-ditch effort, completely drained of hope, I went to see an alternative medicine doctor. I had nothing left to lose.

I gained everything, including my voice.

Food. The answer was right there in front of me, every day, all day. With the help of an integrative and holistic approach, I discovered I had a severe food sensitivity that had gone undetected for years, even with all the medical testing. This discovery changed the entire course of my life.

How could I not have known? How could no one have told me this? Or tried this?

After I changed my diet by eliminating food sensitivities and adding nourishing foods, little by little, the symptoms that had invaded every minute of my day began to subside just enough for me to remember what it felt like to be "normal." I found that even the smallest bit of relief was enough to give me momentum to keep going, keep making me feel healthier, to thrive.

I became fascinated by my discovery and recovery, continually searching for reasons why. I had to learn why something like food, that I gave so little thought to, had so many far and wide-reaching consequences. I needed to understand how my body could repair itself so drastically.

Most importantly, I knew in my core that I needed to formally educate myself and begin sharing my experience and my knowledge with others, leading me to complete my Master Nutritional Therapy degree.

I spent countless hours and sleepless nights searching for my symptoms and looking for answers.

The answer was inside of me all along.



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