Elizabeth Sanfilippo

Integrative Holistic Nutrition

Keeping it real and realistic

Stop searching symptoms, discover food that's good for YOU

Is Nutritional Therapy Your Answer?

I'm Liz Sanfilippo, Master Nutritional Therapist. And I know you've spent hours of your time searching. Googling your symptoms. Visiting doctor's offices. Waiting on test results. Maybe you've received a diagnosis. Or worse, you haven't.

In holistic nutrition, we explore and identify the root cause of imbalances in your immune system. These imbalances lead to inflammation and autoimmunity, and subsequently life-altering symptoms. I am here to tell you food could be your answer. 

We aren't diagnosing, curing or treating disease. There are no magical shakes, juices or excessive supplementation in responsible holistic nutrition. We support your body in the most basic, and best way possible way, with food. 

Once we remove your personal roadblocks to a high functioning immune system and simultaneously introduce supportive foods into the diet, the body systems begin working together in an efficient and effective way. And you will thrive.

What you take out of your diet is important...

What you take out of your diet is often just as important as what you add to it. Together we will focus on identifying foods that may be contributing negatively to your health. As an expert in elimination diets, I will guide you step by step through the process.

... Finding balance is the key thriving

You have it in you to live and love life again, no matter what health issues stand in your way. I want you to thrive within your family, friends, at work, and socially.

We work diligently together to build a positive relationship with food within the parameters of any identified food sensitivities.

Food connects you to yourself, and the world around you.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing - you can have your cake, and eat it too!


I hear you. You matter. Your symptoms matter. Your life matters to me. Your frustrations and fears are heard.
A large part of the success of a Lifestyle Nutrition Plan is the idea that food nourishes and connects us to ourselves when we are mindful. It unites us to our family, friends, and community through tradition and celebration. This is different for each individual, as all of our realities are our own.
You have it within yourself to make these connections again. You have it in yourself to build a supportive nutrition plan around your lifestyle!